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Ethan Poulin Landscaping

Serving Lower Cape Cod since 2002

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Our Equipment

Compact Excavators
- John Deere compact excavators. 27D, 35D, and 50D
- 27 is 60" wide and the 50 is 80" wide

Ethan Poulin

- We have a vibratory plate compactor that attaches to the excavator to drive in I beams, pipe, plate steel, and vinyl plastic used on sea walls
- Also a high torque auger that drives helical anchors or use with a 18" drill bit to loosen soil

Compact Track Machines
T-750 with high flow hydrolics. And T-140
- We have an 80" wide bobcat and a 60" wide bobcat for those tight jobs
- Attachments are as follows: Vibratory roller to compact dirt or hardening, a pick up sweeper to sweep up large jobs, a roto-tiller to till large jobs, a brush mower that mows everything 3" and under into chips

John Deere 324J 1.5 Yard wheel loader - Loader has new snow pusher attachment

- Peterbilt 6 wheel dump truck equipped with heated body and a barn door. Carry's 10 yards
- Two Chevy 1 ton dump trucks
- One Chevy utility truck

Top of the Line Compaction Equipment
- Weber CR-7 compactor with CCD - With new compatrol companction control system
- Wacker jumping jack compactor for tight to reach areas
- Two Wacker small plate compactors

Bobcat T-140 Truck Loader
Bobcat T750 compact truck
Chevy 3500
Bobcat T-140 Truck Loader
Bobcat T-750 Truck / Loader
Chevy 3500 utility body truck
GMC 1 Ton
GMC 1 Ton 2005 Peterbilt
GMC 1 Ton
GMC 1 Ton 2005 Peterbilt 6 Wheeler
John Deere 324J Loader
John Deer Excavator
Mini excavator
John Deere 324J Loader
2008 John Deere 50D Mini-Excavator 11K
2008 John Deere 27D Mini-Excavator 6K
John Deere 35D Excavator Loader with Snow Pusher Plow Truck
John Deere 35D Excavator Loader with Snow Pusher Plow Truck
Brush Cutter
Weber CR-7 MSM/CCD Compactor
Tiller- Tiller for bobcat Roto-tills soil up to 6"
Brush Cutter- Brushcat mower deck for
bobcat mows down 3" trees in chips
Weber CR-7 MSM/CCD Compactor