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Green Paving

Permeable driveways, patios and walkways are designed to reduce runoff into storm drains, ocean and streets.  By allowing the water to drain into its own base, its conservation compliant and is a Green way of paving.  It also allows snow and ice to melt faster since the pavers can breath and water can drain right were it is.  Instead of traveling across a parking lot to a drain.  They also do not require catch basins, French drains or pitching towards a  low spot to remove the water.

  Ethan Poulin
Eco Paving
Eco Pavers Eco Pavers Eco Pavers Quarry Blend
Permable Jumbo Cobble Turfstone with Gravel Permable Jumbo Cobble
Eco Pavers Quarry Blend Eco Pavers Vineyard Blend